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Spring Cleanup Tips


Recommended tools include tarps, power blowers, rakes, shovels, pruners and fuel for the blowers. Safety equipment: eye protection, ear protection, for example. Have a plan for debris disposal. Ask your local town about its requirements.


Remove leaves, sticks and debris from all lawn areas and beds, pick up branches that may have blown down over the winter.


Be careful not to tear up lavvns in early spring, especially when wet. Gently rake out any areas in the lawn that have snow mold.


Use a power blower and gentle raking to clean leaves and debris out of ground cover areas (pachysandra, myrtle, etc) so as not to damage the ground cover. Be especially careful of any spring flowering bulbs that are starting to pop out of soil/bloom in the garden.


Clean up gravel or cinders in the lawn areas along the roadways that have been deposited by snowplowing operations. Repair any damage to turf from snowplows near driveways and road areas.


Trim out any broken branches in shrubbery or ornamentals.


Give the lawn a first mowing to aid in cleanup and give good appearance, but be very careful of wet areas where the mower might leave tracks or ruts. Blow off walkways, driveways, patios and entryways to the house.

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