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Our Guarantee

Plant Guarantee


Maggio Landscaping, Inc. will replace or credit all nursery stock supplied and installed by us that fail to survive for a period of one year from the date of installation. Plants will only be replaced once at no charge for the materials and labor. Replacement plants are not warranted. Liability not to exceed plant value.


The following are expressly excluded from coverage by the warranty: perennials, groundcovers, bare root plants, plants in containers above ground, client supplied plants, transplants, grass seed and sod along with specified plants that might be installed in a location against the advice of Maggio Landscaping Inc. Transplanting, in most cases, is successful. However, to insure success we must prune each plant moderately to severely as we deem necessary before it is relocated. Once material is delivered and installed, the responsibility for disappearance, theft or vandalism shall be the customer's.


All construction shall, unless otherwise specified herein, carry a one-year warranty from the date on the invoice on materials and workmanship excluding neglected maintenance, misuse, vandalism, or damage from acts of God. Where applicable, manufacturers' warranties shall apply. Warranties will be voided in cases of physical and/or chemical damage, neglect in watering or pest control or in accounts over 30 days past due from date of invoice.


All material is warranted to be as specified. All work is to be completed in a workman-like manner according to standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. All our personnel are fully covered by Workmen's Compensation Insurance. Maggio Landscaping, Inc. is a fully insured contractor.

Hardscape Guarantee - 1 Year Full Guarantee


This guarantee will cover any and all problems occurring with new Hardscapes installed by Maggio Landscaping, Inc. as they pertain to workmanship and structure. 1 Year guarantee includes all labor and material costs.

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