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Edging Tips




We recommend cutting bed edges at a 4" depth with a spade or a half moon edger.


Softly flowing lines are aesthetically pleasing, this gives a more natural look. Keep the edging line gentle and smooth. Corrective edging may be required to correct imperfections or irregularities. Guard against excessive turf removal unless you plan to make a major change in the shape of the bed. This could throw off the layout of your garden.


Straight edges should be set off permanent objects - either parallel or perpendicular. Set a string line for best results.


Remove all edging scraps from bed surfaces - especially turf and weeds. If the soil is clumped it should be broken up and raked smooth prior to mulching.


Step back and look at the edging from a distance to be sure you have created a line that is pleasing to the eye.

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