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Lawn Maintenance


Your lawn is the welcome mat to your home! Let us help you maintain its appearance. We can put together a lawn care program that fits your needs, wants and budget.

Lawn Mowing Practices

Our mowing crew leaders have combined mowing experience of over 78 years! They know and understand lawns. Our equipment is new and properly maintained.


We will do our best to keep to the scheduled mowing day for your property.


Weather and/or site conditions (i.e. construction, flooded areas) or unforeseen equipment failures may change our schedule.


If an unscheduled visit is needed for a special event, please call us 48 hours in advance.


We mow at a height of 2.75-3.25", depending on time of year and weather conditions.


In the spring we bag most lawn areas so that clumping does not occur. Which can damage and discolor your lawn. In larger areas we will raise the decks and go over to disperse the grass to give a manicured look.


We use gator blades, returning the mulched grass back to the lawn during summer months. We feel that is healthier for the lawn and is better for the environment.


Trimming of bedline, walkways, driveways, etc., will be done each week, unless no growth has occurred.


Patios, walkways and driveways will be blown off after each mowing.


We try to vary mowing patterns where and when possible. This helps prevent rutting of your lawn and laying over of grass.


Give us a call today and let us quote you a price!


Question: How often should my lawn be cut?

Answer: At times of active growth, lawns should be cut every week to a height of 2 3/4 - 3 1/2 inches, depending on weather conditions. Ideally only 1/3 of the grass blade should be removed in one mowing.


Question: Should my grass clippings be collected?

Answer: Removal of clippings also means removal of nitrogen from the lawn. But during the early spring when the turf grows quickly we will bag the clippings in most areas. In the months of late June until the end of August we will chop up and disperse the clippings so they may return nutrients to your lawn, unless the grass is still growing at a more rapid rate. Tlte leaf blade of your grass is actually 80% water and 5% nitrogen. Mulching can reduce the amount of fertilizer you have to apply to your lawn and it helps provide the soil with increased ground cover to hold moisture. Leaving clippings does not lead to a buildup of thatch.


Lawn Renovation

Is your lawn thin, patchy, and over grown with weeds? A lawn renovation may be just what you need to get your lawn looking great again. It may need nothing more than an aeration, de thatching or over-seeding. Some lawns need a total renovation with round-up and a mechanical slit seeding. Some customers choose an instant lawn by laying sod. A lawn renovation will result in a totally new and beautiful lawn. Give us a call today and we will make an appointment to see what is the best solution for your lawn.

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