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Fall Cleanup Tips




Recommended tools and equipment for the work includes tarps, blowers, rakes, shovels, pruners and fuel for the blowers and other power tools you might use. Again, eye and ear protection. Have a plan for debris disposal.


Clean leaves and debris from all lawn areas and beds.


Use backpack blower and gentle raking to clean leaves and debris out of ground cover areas (pachysandra, myrtle, etc.) so as not to damage the ground cover.


Use the mowers to shred leaves as much as possible in lawn areas. This will greatly reduce the volume of material that needs to be removed from the property.


Working in pairs with blowers and rakes can often accomplish cleanups efficiently.


This is a good time to cut back perennials and remove annuals. Some of the flowering shrubs such as potentilla and spireas can be cut back at this time as well.


Give the lawn areas a final mowing. Ideally the turf should be cut a bit shorter at the end of the season to lessen the incidence of snow mold. 2 1/4 - 2 1/ 2"


If many neighbors have leaves out at the curb, it is possible to do likewise. Call the town or municipality for information on pickup.


Be sure at the end of the job to blow off walkways, driveways, patios and especially areas around entrances to the house.

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