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Mulching Tips




Check existing mulch levels around the house prior to starting the job. This will help determine the appropriate amount to apply.


We recommend installing mulch at a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Do not exceed 4". Maintaining a 2 to 3 inch layer is optimal to help suppress weed growth and retain an even soil moisture and temperature level.


Remove weeds and/or turf prior to mulching- including their root systems.


Rake or "fluff' existing mulch before topdressing with a layer of new mulch.


Avoid inconsistent depths of mulch or a bumpy/clumpy appearance.


Watch mulch levels around existing plants. Mulch should not cover annuals or perennials and should not cover the base or root flare of existing woody stems and/ or trunks of trees. We recommend that you create a moat effect around trees. This will help capture water dripping from bark and leaves.


Water down new mulch to help set, remove dust and replenish moisture. This also makes the color of the mulch stand out.


Blow off all rocks, plants, turf and paved surfaces.

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